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Advocacy Toolkit

The March for Our Lives is democracy in action. All of us -- particularly young people -- are calling attention to an issue that’s gone unaddressed by our elected leaders.

When politicians serve big money donors instead of their constituents, we all suffer. We can change political structures by building a democracy that represents and reflects us all -- and by holding our elected officials accountable. The decisions that our representatives make affect us all, including our schools,our economic opportunity , our healthcare, and our safety.

Like many of the pressing issues facing our nation, we can't stop gun violence until we change the political systems that got us here -- where big money rules, voters are blocked from the polls, and elected officials no longer think they are accountable to their constituents.

Here are a few things you can do, right now, to make sure our voices are heard in government. Whether you have 5 minutes, an hour, or even longer to spare, your action can make a real difference.

Five Minutes

Our dangerously out-of-balance political system lets extreme special interest groups like the NRA speak over the rest of us.

Demand that your legislators stop taking support from the NRA and other gun lobby groups.

One Hour

Our new report shows how ending gun violence means building a representative, reflective, and active democracy.

Get the facts about the gun lobby's influence game -- then share it with your friends to spread the word about the solutions we need.

For Activists

Young people’s voices are powerful, and they should have every opportunity to engage in our democracy. Sixteen and seventeen-year old future voters should be able to pre-register to vote, setting them up for a lifetime of political participation.

We've created a training guide to help you advocate for pre-registration, and get it implemented, enforced and supported in your community.